McDonald's Makes a Comeback with a Fresh, New Menu Item

This summer, McDonald's will spoil its patrons. The Oreo Frappe from McDonald's is back after eight years.

McCafe introduced a limited-edition Oreo Frappe in 2015. It took over ten years for the chain to reappear.

In May, the redesigned frappe will be back. The iced mocha will come with an Oreo cookie and a blue spoon for scooping in certain places.

The Oreo frappe will join McCafe's caramel and mocha frappes. Despite not being on the menu, customers have attempted to make the Oreo Frappe in the drive-through.

Mocha frappes infused with Oreos. "I work in McDonald's & a lot of customers order this, still haven't tried it yet," a McDonald's employee remarked in a post.

International McDonald's has their own versions of the Oreo Frappe that have become menu mainstays, while we in the U.S. have been waiting years for its return.

Crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream are the ingredients of the Japanese Choco Oreo Frappe.

Crushed Oreos, chocolate biscuits, and vanilla frappe are the ingredients of Austria's Oreo Frappe.

For additional cookie flavor, the reintroduced Oreo Frappe will use mocha with cookies and cream syrup.

Other unique frappes have not yet arrived, however the Oreo frappe was developed and released in the United States belatedly. Macarons were served with Japanese frappés.

Himalayan and green tea are available in Singapore. McDonald's in the United States could follow its international competitors and provide more unique offerings.