More informative: Raising a Healthy and Happy Rottweiler Puppy

Making an informed decision is essential because some breeders do not assess the health of their breeding stock.

You can tell if the dog you desire is a Rottweiler by looking at its working ability and conformation.

Adopting a Rottweiler puppy requires cautious consideration, despite their lovely appearance.

A Rottweiler puppy requires a lot of patience and time to raise. It will settle down, even though it could be chaotic at first.

When a Rottweiler puppy is acquired, take him to the veterinarian for vaccinations and deworming.

Set house rules and begin training your dog from the beginning to avoid "accidents". The dogs might be confined in kennels to avoid housebreaking.

Make it a habit for your dog to urinate in the same spot. Don't give him carte blanche since that will create a bad precedent.

Rottweilers pick things up rapidly because they are eager to please their owners and want to learn new things. You'll be shocked at how quickly they pick things up. 

To enhance learning, steer clear of harsh corrections and instead show them kindness and compassion. Give praise for appropriate behavior.

Rotties require a lot of nutrient-dense dog food because they can weigh up to 135 pounds.

Additionally, you need to keep your dog from gaining weight. Good dog food is what you should feed your puppy.

As his teeth erupt, your Rottie will want to gnaw on everything. Give your pet large rubber Kongs loaded with peanut butter.

Give your puppy a yummy kong toy instead of scolding him for chewing on furniture or other items.