Today’s horoscope 17 May 2024


There will be mental pressure at the workplace. Only someone close to you can hurt your self-respect. People associated with politics may get new responsibilities.


People associated with marketing may get a new goal. You need to be very careful while driving. There will be technical improvement in business.


There will be excess expenditure on domestic needs. There is a possibility of disagreement between husband and wife. There will be confusion.


There will be willingness to compromise in court matters. Your superiors will praise you in the workplace. Respect the feelings of your loved ones. New contacts will be made.


There will be worries about the future of the children. Important work may get stuck. Will get benefits of government schemes. You will feel like starting a new business.


There will be balance in workplace arrangements. The budget may have to be increased to implement new schemes. You will get support from your spouse.


New contracts will be made in business. Dispute over some old issue may increase. The viewpoint of opponents will change.


There may be obstacles in work. Bank related work may take some time to complete. You will feel like purchasing technical resources at the workplace.


Will be successful in winning the trust of colleagues. Maintain confidentiality at the workplace. There can be a transaction of movable and immovable property.


There will be energy in the body. You will get marriage proposals. There will be confusion due to fluctuations in the stock market.


To get your stuck money out, you will have to take help from some influential person. The mind will remain sad due to lack of support from family.


New sources of income will be created in business. Family harmony may deteriorate. You can plan an external trip with friends.